Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Week Ahead

This is proving to be a very busy period for the I HEART ACCRA team.  Kobs is fully immersed in the literature of Pan-Africanism which is now in second gear over in Kokrobite.  The newest member of our team Felicia is busy getting ready for our Christmas activities and I am learning the art of putting Afro-chiq into recycling over at the Kokrobite institute, whilst setting my my mind on WAPi and preparing to Party it up with our guests from way yonder this weekend.

I'm really impressed with Accra.  I still remember what it was like here 4 short years ago when all people ever talked about was how bored they were and how there was nothing to do.  These days it's hard to take a breather from the amount of things that there are to do.

Tuesday night - Obama Party

Wednesday night - "PLAY"

Thursday night - Bless the mic Live

Friday night - V.V.I.P. party at African Regent

Saturday night - Drinks at Rhapsody's

Sunday night - Fat Joe, Omarion, Sway, Wanlov etc etc etc live in concert

See you all there!

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