Friday, June 19, 2009

Talk Party

Out of ideas for things to do on a Sunday evening?  Fret no more, now you can come to the Nubuke Foundation and enjoy poetry and good conversation.

Bring a bottle or some snacks and have a good time.

Date: Sunday 5th July 2009
Time: 17:00
Venue: The Nubuke Foundation, East Legon (see link below for directions)

(look out for this symbol)

Another Literary Event

Ayesha Harunna Attah will be reading from her debut Novel
Harmattan Rain
Date: 19th June 2009 (Today)
Place: Josie's Cuppa Cappuccino, Airport Residential Area


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tell me what you think guys... Christmas Drive?

I have been thinking about doing a Christmas drive this Christmas (for the past hour) (we've got Antoine to thank for this ^_^).  And seeing as a Christmas drive would involve everyone being driven I thought I'd ask you, our blog readers, what you thought of the idea.

The I 
♥ Accra Christmas drive.  On Christmas day we all show Accra how much we care and make someone else's Christmas special.  We won't be asking for any cash donations but we will be asking for people to contribute food, drinks and their time.  I know Christmas is supposed to be a time for families but there are people in our beloved city that have no families or no one that cares about them enough to make their day memorable so why don't we sacrifice as we were sacrificed for and dedicate our Christmas to someone else this year?

Let me know what you think of the idea.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Today I was going through my emails when I came across an email from the Ghana Bloggers group I am a member of directing me to the blog of a potential member. I decided to put it on here because it's got some interesting pics of life in GH.