Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Click of the week (you heard it here first, as usual)

I am dead against cigarette smoking and think it is the most disgusting thing EVER invented. So now I've found a solution I just HAVE to share (being the information distributor that I am lol).

After the ban of public smoking in the UK and other places I guess smokers and tobacco companies have had some time to think things through and have come to their senses at last because today my brother sent this link

>>Click of the week<<

Safe cigarettes, without the fumes.

Now all you smokers go buy them immediately and stop killing us all! ^_^

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Edward: said...

Finally!! I however think it will take sometime before the smoking population embraces it. I think the smoke also makes smoking enjoiable to them.

Its just like the traditional fufu and the fufu flour we have. Although the fufu flour takes less time to prepare, some still prefer the traditional means of preparing it!