Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Artists Alliance Gallery

The Artists Alliance Gallery situated on the La beach road is a gem of a gallery full to the brim with artistic expression.  With over three floors of art, sculpture, carvings and artifacts it is definitely a haven for anyone looking to be inspired or simply enjoy some phenomenal works.

Check it out today!

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Kojoman said...

(Former Title: Return of the African-American)
Curtis "Kojo" Morrow aka “Kojo-)
Achampong” And yes,Dr. Glover I remember you & Medasaa-Paa-)
My journey to Africa began with "I can't."
I mean, I got so damned tired of people telling me what
I "can't" do, because I am black...
Well, so far, I've done everything they told me I couldn't do.
This book is just another...
I went to Africa alone and knew no one there before arriving. A
fellow New Yorker had told me there were Black Americans
living in Africa. Inquiries made among my fellow artist
friends of the 20th Century Art Creators luckily produced the
name and address of a Black artist living and working in Accra,
Ghana. His name was Tom Feelings and I was able to correspond
with him.
A Ghanaian friend, living in the same building I lived
in, assured me that Ghana was the place to go and gave me a
book to read, I Speak of Freedom by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. This
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intended to either stay a year creating and accumulating
paintings before returning to the States or remain there for
the rest of my life. THE REST IS HISTORY. History of an early pioneer: